Types of WW2 German Helmets

WW2 German Helmet
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There are many, many types and variations of WW2 German Helmets. Many of them look similar but may be very different. Besides the models, makers, sizes you also have decals, paint schemes, liners, chinstraps and condition to deal with. If you have a WW2 German Helmet for sale or just want to know what it is, please let us know. We will be glad to tell you what your WW2 German Helmet and what your WW2 German Helmet may be worth today.

Use our years of experience to help you get the most out of your WW2 German Helmet. We look forward to helping you.
Most commom WW2 German Helmets are the Army "Heer" Helmet, Kriegsmarine Helmet and Luftwaffe Helmets. Other commonly collected Helmets include the German SS Helmet and the Paratrooper "Fallshirmjager" Helmet. From there you have other branches, camo, hand painted and other helmets to consider. We will try and list some of the other collectible helmets being purchased today. They include :
WW2 German Police Helmet | WW2 German Fire Protection Helmet | WW2 Foreign Volunteer Helmet | German Medic Helmet | German Red Cross Helmet | Hitler Youth Helmet | LSW Helmet | NSKK Helmet | OT Oginazation Todt Helmet | RAD Helmet | RLB Helmet | SHD Helmet | Sauerland Helmet and several others. Call us with your WW2 German Helmet today.
Types of WW2 German Helmets
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